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Please contribute to this Wiki Resource!

Any and all relevant contributions to the site will be welcomed.

We need help creating the site and making it a place for individual families, parent groups, teachers and businesses to network and find resources (informational and physical) to aid our schools in this time of budgetary crisis.

Do you have information on how to start a parent group? We need it. Do you have information on BEING a parent group, five or ten or twenty years in? We need that information too, so that our younger or less organized folks can work toward goals.

Can you grant-write? We need your know-how. Can you help post some information or resource links to help parent groups, teachers, etc to apply for grants, or tutorials on how to do so?

Has your school created step-by-step guides to help create fundraisers and other opportunities for community building? Do you have email chains you can condense and edit that would contain such instructions? Can you post that information to help our schools who may not yet have that step-by-step information? I can guarantee there are schools that need it!

Do you have a pressing need RIGHT NOW for a donation of paper, folders, pencils, binders? Post it, and let us know! There may be someone in the community who can help! Please spread the word of this wiki to any and all of your neighbors, friends, business networking connections, anyone who may want to help or who may need help in their local OUSD schools.

Do you have a School or Community Event that is open to the District? Please put more information on the 'Community/School Events' tab!

You will find a basic school information list on the 'Schools' tab at the top of [WWW]this page. If you have information that relates to a school, please post it!

You will find a basic list of needs and resources listed on the 'Needs and Resources' tab at the top of the page- if you know of a resource that can benefit a school, or have a need that needs to be addressed, please list it, and we will try to help you locate a resource!

You will find a basic tutorial and instructions for emergency needs on the 'EMERGENCY Subsistence Needs NOW' tab at the top. True Emergencies ONLY, please.

The point of this site is to get Oakland parents talking to one another, and to that end, there is a new tab here: [WWW]Talk to other Oakland School Parents.

Below you will find the basic 'Wiki-How-To' information to get you started posting. It is easy, and you don't even have to login to edit if you just want your change tracked by ip address instead!

Wonder just what a Wiki is?- take a look at this very specific descriptive example: [WWW]It's a YouTube link for "What's a Wiki?"

Thanks for helping!!!

We are making the News!

We have had a couple of online mentions, and information has gone out in the OUSD newsletter!

[WWW]Here on the Oakland Local Website. and [WWW]here by Katy Murphy from the Oakland Tribune.
Even across the bay, [WWW]SFGate also picked up the story!

If you have seen a mention, please link to it! We need to spread the word and make our voices count!

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